*** SHAREWARE VERSION *** ... Download link: [986 KB]

GoldMemory is a Shareware. It is not free software.
You may distribute, copy and try it for free,
but if you use for longer than the evaluation period 30 days,
you must register.
So you may try GoldMemory (Shareware version) before buy license...

These restrictions are applied to the UNREGISTERED SHAREWARE version:

- shareware reminder (a time-delay start timer)
- NORMAL and THOROUGH Modes are disabled (you can select QUICK Test only)
- only 2 pages of History View (of 256 pages)
- function Last Page View is disabled
- function Sound Alarm is disabled
- function File Reporting is disabled (in DOS mode)
- Continuous Testing is always Enabled

Version 6.92 SHAREWARE Release Date: 03-23-2007

Download link: [986 KB]

Goldmemory v6.92 package ( includes the following files:

GM.TXT Quick documentation and license agreement
GM.URL Internet shortcut
GM.EXE GoldMemory 6.92 EXE file
FLOPPY.IMG GoldMemory diskette image for non-Windows OS (1,440 K)
DFLOPPY.EXE GoldMemory floppy disk image creator for DOS
WFLOPPY.EXE GoldMemory floppy disk image creator for Win32 (WinImage SFX)
CDROM.ISO "Bootable CD image

Do continue to check our website for the latest version information.


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